Cultural Communication Training for Law Enforcement Officers

Module 1 (Group of 12 or less in attendance)

Training: 2 hours (could run longer if participants need more time)


  1. Define effective communication
  2. Discuss why differences are important
  3. Talk about the commonalities
  4. What is the positive outcome of learning to communicate with different cultures


  1. "Cultural Hearing"...what does this mean?
  2. What did you say? What was actually heard? (role play)
  3. How different cultures analyze words
  4. Different people, different voice (discussion) ex. victim, perpetrator, defensive, polite


  1. Past, present, future (How does history play into the method of communicating)
  2. Words: Anger, Fear, Distrust, Ignorance, Control, Failure, Respect, Dangerous, Power
  3. Discuss how these words play a role in the ablity to communicate, and build relationships
  4. How does listening promote stronger verbal skills

Trigger Points

  1. What is your hot button word? Why? When did you first hear this word?
  2. Discussion of words or actions that can escalate an encounter
  3. Your role in deflating a hostile situation
  4. Do you know how to use words to gain control?
  5. What happens when you leave the workplace?
  6. Are you ever off the job...unguarded? Is your hot button only on the job?

Wrap Up

  1. Discuss take-away points
  2. What are the new tools?